How I met an awesome season premiere

How I Met Your Mother is a show that I got into late (but not as late as British television), but its a show that I’m so glad I stuck with as I love how the writers keep stories running across the seasons. Take the slap bet, Marshall had five slaps for Barney, and over about three seasons four of those have been taken (the fourth had a countdown and a song). There is one slap to go, it could be at anytime (the suspense is killing me) but when it happens it will be legen…(wait for it)…dary!

The new season kicked off with a bang, an old girlfriend of Ted’s appears with a friend (the one who’s flatmate we know will be the mother), but could this friend be ‘the one’? All I will say is you will have to watch, the answer may come to you before you see it, but it certainly won’t before you watch the episode!

Marshall (played by the brilliant Jason Segel of ‘Forgetting Sarah Marshall‘ fame) & Lillie’s plans to start a family don’t get the best start, I expect this will bring some entertainment through the season, and as I always happily see from HIMYM, in a different way to Friends. Many people compare this show to Friends, and yes it follows a group of friends, but what it does that Friends failed on is to remember everything they have mentioned and never run a conflicting story (think the episode where Chandler cries at everything and later in the season there is an episode where he can’t cry, as he’s not a cry guy?!)

What am I looking forward to in this season? The return of Barney’s black gay brother – awesome!


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