Scorsese Sunday

I’ve always been a fan of Martin Scorsese, so when I heard he was producing a new television drama I was excited. When I heard that it was set in the 1920’s I was even more excited. And Finally that show, Boardwalk Empire has hit the screens. Starring Steve Buscemi (unless he has lost his crown, I believe he has starred in more films than any other actor) and Michael Pitt (who has been rather quiet since The Dreamers and The Village). Set in Atlantic City, 1920 around the prohibition, this show is touching on a very interesting part of America’s history which I haven’t seen before. With Scorsese and Mark Walberg (also producing) behind this I’m sure its set to be a hit.

Scorsese also directed this pilot episode and from what I’ve seen so far, it looks promising to be a show that I will add to my ‘must watch’ list. Airing on Sunday evenings on HBO, it is going to rival fellow period drama Mad Men, but as they cover very different eras of the 20th century I believe there is room enough for both (although I expect as the show continues we will be able to spot similarities, mwn vs. women, scandal, drink, etc). I hear the Emmys calling…

Oh and did I mention the soundtrack, you really feel like you’re stepping into the 20’s, look for the drop waisted dresses and head jewellery, will next season’s catwalk be Boardwalk Empire?


Photograph: Abbott Genser/AP

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