Samantha Henry Vs. The Scott Pilgrim Web Chat

Today I well and truly ventured into geekdom and took part in my first web chat with the cast of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. I am very excited about the film. I have the comics (yet to read, but will do before I see the film) but what excited me most about this web chat was that none other than Superman himself, Brandon Routh was one of the cast up for the chat!

I decided to as a web chat virgin I couldn’t go straight in with the BIG question – “Brandon will you be playing Superman again in The Man of Steel?” but luckily someone else did. Brandon’s response was “We will wait and see, I’d love to.”

“Who would win in a fight between Todd & Clark Kent? Definately Todd, but Clark would probably outwit him.” Brandon Routh commenting on a question from a fan

 Many questions were answered about Scott Pilgrim as well as favourite sandwiches, films and computer games (World of Warcraft is a big hit with Routh and he hopes to be one of the cast in the film adaption).

The web chat took place on Empire’s website over lunchtime, so sadly was only about 30 minutes long, and so many questions were desperate to be answered. As the only sci-fi/film geek in my friendship group I must say it was nice to be amongst my fellow geeks, people who have opinions and the same excitment for past/present and up and coming film and TV shows.

I can say it was a fun experience and one I will be certainly taking part in again.

Oh and while looking for pictures for this post I stumbled across this great picture of Brandon and just wanted to share it with you all, enjoy!



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