Deep thinking Sci-Fi

As the sci-fi geek in my group of friends I expected that I would have plenty of people to choose from who would want to see Inception with me. Sadly they had made plans to see it with other people, but the lovely Ellie A (there is more than one Ellie in my group of gal pals) stepped in to watch it with me, although not really the sort of film she would want to see I promised her it would be something that she would enjoy.

The film was amazing, as always with Christopher Nolan (so can’t wait to see what he is doing for the next Superman & Batman films), and although confusing like the Matrix there are more similarities than just the gravity defying fight scenes.


I was not one of these people that found the film confusing, but I this may be down to my past experience of this genre. Back in 2004 I wrote my dissertation on the Matrix: Reality & Simulation, referencing Jean Baudrillard, religion, etc and looking deep into the film that changed science fiction at the end of the last century.

Although Inception is not a film that has changed science fiction, it addresses similar theories to the Matrix, and in my opinion is exactly what the genre has needed after a decade of sequels and remakes.

For those of you that are yet to see this film, I urge you to see it, if the theory confuses you, I Heart Huckabees is a great quirky film which actually discusses them in a way that is easy to understand. It’s also a great comparison to see a film that looks at the same theory but in a completely different way, there’s certainly no white rabbit in it… just a white sheet!

What other films have got you confused?


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