Comic-Con Highlights

So what were the most exciting things to come out of this year’s Comic-Con? Here’s my top picks…

Chuck vs. the Terminator

Just when I thought Chuck couldn’t get any more exciting, Linda Hamilton aka Terminator‘s Sarah Connor (or Catherine Chandler for all you Beauty and the Beast fans) is joining the cast, playing Mama Bartowski.

Daddy’s Home

Jonathan Kent is returning to Smallville, how I hear you ask? Well even John Schneider doesn’t have a clue. With other cast member set to make a return including Kara and Lionel Luthor, I’m keeping everything crossed that Michael Rosenbaum (Lex Luthor) will return, the show just won’t be the same if it ends without him. Season 10 might be the end of Smallville, but it’s the start of Superman.

With Vampires comes Werewolves

 Vampire Diaries confirmed that there will be werewolves in season 2 through the character of Tyler Lockwood. I’ve read the first few books, and the only thing I liked about them was that they were the only books that didn’t go down the vampires = werewolves, don’t get me wrong, I love the werewolves in True Blood (not so much in Twilight) but it would be nice to watch something that wasn’t so predictable.

Still no John Winchester Return 🙁

I’m not the only one that want’s Jeffery Dean Morgan to return to Supernatural, every flashback episode I hold out a high hope that he will reappear, but due to his busy film career it’s unlikely to happen. Exciting news however is that episode four of season six (I can’t wait to see how they can explain Sam’s escape from Hell) is directed by Dean Winchester himself, Jensen Ackles.

Microwave fingers explained

One thing I have questioned in True Blood is the purple power of Sookie’s hands that appeared in Season 2, and again in a recent airing from season 3.  Anna Paquin has confirmed that this super power will be explained later on in the season.

And the sad news? Still no sign of Moonlight returning 🙁 But at least we have Hawaii Five-0 in September.


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