Beware of the dark

Who’s seen Paranormal Activity? Did you watch it VERY late at night, in the dark, at home on your own? Did you have to stay up till 3am watching a silly fluffy film to distract your mind from what you had just seen so you could go to sleep? Well that’s exactly what me and my scary moving loving friend Ocean.

But like many people we wanted more, and boy were we pleased when we heard that Paranormal Activity 2 was in production. Desperately waiting for this next edition, we decided to fill the void and attempt to watch Paranormal Ascendacy, a straight to DVD film that promised to be just what we were looking for if we were fans of Paranormal Acitivty…it was not! I could have filmed better on my iPhone 3GS. But today, only a few days after we watched this awful movie, the teaser trailer for Paranormal Activity 2 was released. And here it is for you to watch now…beware!

I’d love to know what you thought of these scary movies and what others kept you awake at night.


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