Top 10 J.J. Abrams

For those of you that are watching Cloverfield (or watched it depending on when you’re reading this post) here are my top 10 (in no particular order) J.J. Abrams movies and TV shows:

Alias: Starring Jennifer Garner with fabulous pink hair. I love a sci-fi Sspy drama although Chuck is my new favourite Alias was brilliant. I also here a little rumour that there may be a remake of the series coming soon.

Lost: It’s had it’s ups and downs, but I have stuck with it (although most of the last season is sitting on my V+ box waiting to be watched). It is truly a show that has changed the shape of recent sci-fi dramas and shows such as Heroes and Flash Forward have followed.

Cloverfield: Taking the actor/cameraman concept of the Blair Witch project and throwing in a great big…something that we never quite see. At the end of the film you will feel frustrated that it ends, but appreciate that it ends at the right point. But bring on Cloverfield 2 (only if its not going to ruin the first film)

Star Trek: A good take on the movie franchise and great casting.

What About Brian: Ok, maybe not his best work, but it was a series that had potential, then it went and became ‘Brian’s fine but what about all his friends’

Fringe: It’s not a series that I’ve been watching, but I’ve always heard good things, my friends watch it and from the little I have seen it’s a show that I need to watch…from the start!

Forever Young: I always loved this film as a kid, not exactly a film you would associate with J.J Abrams, but he sold the script for $2 million in 1992 (and Elijah Wood is so adorable!)

Armageddon: Another screenwriting example from J.J. Abrams, boy he does love his disaster movies

Regarding Henry: Starring Harrison Ford as a man who survives a shooting but looses his memory

Sadly from what is left that I have seen, Pallbearer and Mission Impossible III I can’t really give either the last place in the top 10. So I shall leave it blank, but give you a list of what is in the pipeline from Mr. Abrams and perhaps there will be something that is worthy of being added to the list:

Star Trek sequel (untitled)
Mission Impossible IV
Little Darlings
Undercovers (TV)
Morning Glory
Super 8 (rumours are going around that it is an ET remake or something related to Close Encounters of the Third Kind)

Find out more about J.J. Abrams upcoming projects and back catalogue on IMDB

Would appreciate your comments on those included in the list

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