From Geek to Gleek

Glee has inspired me again for my next post, my top on screen geeks across TV and film. The following 10 geeks are in no particular order…

1. Starting with Glee, the annoying yet entertaining Rachel Berry from Glee. Ironically honest, she is “like Tinkerbell and needs applause to stay alive”.

2. Bill Haverchuck from Freaks & Geeks, played by the brilliant Martin Starr, Haverchuck is the funniest TV geek ever.

3. Gosh, Napoleon Dynamite from the film of the same name is a geek with brilliant dance moves

4. For those who are children of the 90’s will remember Dustin Diamond’s Screech as everyone’s favourite geek in Saved by the Bell.

5. Richard Rubin as himself in Beauty and the Geek is a real life geek, a real life Screech in fact.

6. David Schwimmer’s Ross Geller in Friends, the dinosaur geek who always seems to get the ladies, and get them down the aisle as well.

7. Gareth Keenan played by Makenzie Crook in The Office is easily wound up by Tim Canterbury.

8. Steve Carell as the loveable 40 Year Old Virgin Andy Stitzer provides us with plenty of laughs, especially with the classic waxing scene.

9. This one time at band camp, Alison Hannigan played Michelle Flaherty in the American Pie movies and provided us with a few uncomfortable laughs.

10. And saving the best till last, Sheldon Cooper from the Big Bang Theory. Need I say more?

That’s my top ten, post your thoughts on those that should be added to the list…

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