Hell-O Glee

Ok, so I managed to (patiently) wait until today to watch Glee and after all the hype and excitement (mostly on my part), I have to say I’m a little disappointed. What with all of the untied ropes they left us with at the end of season one part one they seem to have killed all hope and gone back to the start. Although now it reeks of a show that now has a bigger budget (and knows it has a massive following).


I was pleased however to spot a guest appearance from Idina Menzal, the wife of Taye Diggs from Private Practice and How Stella Got Her Groove Back and the original, brilliant star of Wicked, who rightly deserved her Tony Award. Let’s face it, Rachel (Lea Michele) clearly looks like Idina, sings like Idina, and when she sang Defying Gravity she just plain right wanted to be Idina.

I only wish that they relived Defying Gravity, or at least let Idina sing.

I am however holding out my hopes for The Power of Madonna, roll on next Monday…

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