From Superman to Chuck

I’ve recently started watching (and quickly caught up with) Chuck. It is a show that I missed when it first started here in the UK, but admit the catalyst that made me finally stop to watch it
was the fact that not one, but two Superman related actors where
guest starring in season three – Kristen Kreuk (Lana Lang,
Smallville) and Brandon Routh (Clark Kent/Superman, Superman

What a brilliant
show Chuck is. Towards the end of season two I started to think
they cannot keep up this “I am a Nerd Herd with CIA intelligence in
my brain that I am trying to remove” up for another season, but
they managed a new twist on it. The geek that is Chuck, is
not so nerdy now as he is growing into a real life spy, with
constant will they/won’t they drama with his handler Sarah.

So many shows are trying to be the next Lost, and
let’s face it, after the first season (or half a season in the case
of Flash Forward) they always disappoint. Chuck is an example of a
show that has developed great characters and a great story. It
keeps the audience guessing without the drama of “what the polar
bears all about?!!!” Not to mention the fantastic support cast. I
loved Adam Baldwin in Firefly, and he doesn’t disappoint as the
grumpy, grunting Agent Casey and Chuck’s over excited friend

I can’t wait to see what will happen
with Chuck next.

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