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Happy birthday Moonfruit!

Moonfruit, the UK’s leading web building and hosting brand is celebrating its 15th birthday and I was lucky enough to be invited. I have to say it was one of the best birthday bashes I’ve been too. All of the food was supplied by small businesses that use Moonfruit’s services.

Big Apple Hot Dogs

We had amazing hot dogs by Big Apple Hot Dogs and the most incredible sweet bread-type desserts called chimneys by Chimney Cake Bakers. I went for Nutella and coconut – delicious. All washed down with a lovely lavendar cocktail and topped off with cake pops in the shape of the Moonfruit characters!

Chimney Cake Bakers

Launched in 1999 by Wendy Tan White, Joe White and Eirik Pettersen, Moonfruit was created to help the average man on the street get their business online. The London-based company has since helped create over 6 million sites worldwide and its customer base is growing each year. Moonfruit has also just launched KickStart, a bespoke solution for people needing a tailor-made website on a budget, and bringing customer websites up to date using HTML 5. With an increasing demand to support Britain’s small businesses and to provide people with the means to follow their dreams, Moonfruit’s founding principle to support people to put their passions online is now more relevant than ever. For someone who is thinking of upgrading their blog this is something I am certainly going to look into.

Moonfruit 15th birthday

Wendy Tan White, CEO of Moonfruit said of the birthday celebrations: “With an estimated combined annual turnover of £1,600 billion, SMEs account for 48.1 per cent of private sector turnover and as such, they’re the backbone of the UK economy. We’re incredibly proud to have helped so many people and businesses to do what they love by giving them the platform to create websites that truly reflect their personalities.”

Wendy Tan White

The team at Moonfruit seem like an absolutely lovely bunch, and what’s better than that to have to help you build you brand and create the perfect site for you?

Moonfruit party


Images: Moonfruit

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Agents of what?

If you haven’t caught up on Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. or Captain America: The Winter Soldier as that is linked too this, then look away now as I don’t want to spoil either for you.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Marvel has done a great job at making the show run alongside the movies. After Thor: The Dark World they headed to London to clean up the mess…although it took a few weeks for it to happen after the film was released. This time round it happens at the same time.

Turn, Turn, TurnThe first episode linked, End of the Beginning we see Agent Sitwell and other S.H.I.E.L.D.  members including Coulson having a meeting, followed by Sitwell saying he has a ship to go to – the ship that Captain America rescues him from in The Winter Soldier.  It ends with us suspecting Agent May of being up to something.


The second episode, Turn, Turn, Turn is when it all kicks off. Constant questioning who is Hydra and who is S.H.I.E.L.D. keeps us guessing throughout the episode and then a major twist at the end. Trust no one are the words of the poster, but it has all become clear that the agent we can’t trust is Ward, but after his connection with Skye and him finally telling her how he feels, I really didn’t see it coming that he would be Hydra. Although I feel that he is just following his captain and is torn. But we will have to keep watching and see what happens.


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Captain America: The Winter Soldier review

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Ok so I saw Captain America: The Winter Soldier a couple of weeks ago, but it left me questioning what it meant for its sister TV show Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and therefore I was struggling where to start with this post. Now I’ve been able to see the latest two episodes of the show I have walked away feeling far more excited than I was when I left the cinema. In fact had I known this connection I would have been buzzing from the cinema like I usually am after a comic book movie.

Captain America Black Widow

So, before I continue. If you are not up to speed with Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (although full review of the latest episodes will be following in the next couple of days) or you are yet to see Captain America: The Winter Soldier, they look away now, because I am going to SPOILER it up. So Captain America has partnered up with Black Widow (on a professional level not a romantic level – although, unless she hooks up with Hawkeye in Avengers 2, I think it might come) and they are working on various missions together.


A S.H.I.E.L.D. ship is taken over with Agent Sitwell onboard. Captain America and his team go to rescue those on board, but Black Widow is downloading important information, having different orders from Nick Fury.   It’s not just the ship that is under attack, but Nick Fury too. And it all becomes clear that it is S.H.I.E.L.D. that is attacking. Hydra has been operating underground within S.H.I.E.L.D. all the while Captain America was on ice. So the only thing they can do is destroy S.H.I.E.L.D. – see why my head was confused? How can a show all about S.H.I.E.L.D. exist when Captain America has closed it down?


Captain America also partners with a new Marvel character in this movie -Falcon. Although they have focused on it being his codename rather than his ‘hero’ name. Oh and how could I forget the Winter Soldier himself. Captain America’s best friend Bucky Barnes, who was believed dead. Hydra got their hands on him, fixed him up with a machine arm and froze him, saving him for when they needed him most. A woman in the cinema gasped when he takes his mask off once she clocks who he is, she obviously hadn’t been paying attention to any Winter Soldier related news since they gave the film its title.


I really enjoyed the film, but like I say I left the cinema feeling confused. Now I know how it all fits within the Avengers universe, I’m all excited and probably would be a heck of a lot more excited walking out of the cinema second time round. I did enjoy the first film, and know a lot of people didn’t, but I think even those that weren’t fans of Captain America’s first outing will enjoy this one.

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Competition: Win A Commonplace Killing audiobook

A Commonplace Killing

Competition time again. Thanks to the lovely people at you could win an audiobook of A Commonplace Killing by Sian Busby. This smash hit book has been commissioned for a TV series which is due to appear on screens later this year. It was also chosen for ITV’s Richard & Judy’s Spring Book Club 2014. Sadly the author died shortly before the book was published so she didn’t get to see its success.

Set in London in the summer in the mid 1940s, a woman’s body is discovered in an old bomb site off Holloway Road, North London. The body is identified as Lillian Frobisher, a ‘respectable wife and mother’ who lived with her family nearby. The police assume that Lillian must have been the victim of a sexual assault, but when the autopsy finds no evidence of rape, they turn their attention to her private life.

I love the 1940s era, and a good crime drama so this is the perfect combination. Even better for me is that it is being adapted into a TV series – I love it when the pages of a book a brought to life.

A Commonplace Killing audiobook is out now at For your chance to win a free audio copy simply answer the question below:

Which celebrity TV couple picked this book for their Spring Book Club:

a) Ruth & Eamonn

b) Richard & Judy

c) Tess & Vernon

Just comment below with your answer, tweet your answer @ScifiDQ or email your answer to scifidramaqueen at gmail dot com. The winner will be notified after the competition closes on Monday 21st April.

Terms and conditions apply.

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How I Met Your Mother – it’s all over

How I Met Your Mother final episode

Well it finally ended. In an hour long episode (or episodes 23 and 24 back to back if you will) How I Met Your Mother finally ended its story of how Ted met the mother of his children. Stop reading now if you haven’t seen it yet as this contains spoilers.

We’ve known for a while now who the mother is, where they meet and how, so really the final scene was surely going to be that? No. The writers decided to take the story further and give us an ending, that if this show wasn’t about how Ted met the mother then people would have seriously thought it would go that way. Like Ross and Rachel in Friends, it seemed that Robin and Ted were meant to be together. But we knew she wasn’t the mother, so as much as the show tried to keep the love alive between them two it was the one thing that angered me as they were focusing on a love story that was never going to have a happy ending. Except I was wrong.

final How I Met Your Mother

We see Ted and the mother’s relationship post them meeting, they have two kids but take seven years to get married, Barney and Robin get divorced and then Barney has a baby after one of his usual encounters. Lily and Marshall have a third child and Marshall becomes a judge. We find out that the mother is called Tracy, but she is no longer alive. So once Ted concludes his story, the kids say he told them the story because he wants to ask out aunt Robin. So Ted, with the permission of his children, goes to see Robin, who lives in an apartment with lots of dogs. She opens the window and looks down on Ted with a blue French horn, and we are taken right back to the start.

How I Met Your Mother final episode season 9

It is nice that they had a happy ending, but it feels like the mother was nothing at all. She was supposed to be the love of his life that he had waited so long for, but really it was Robin. I am in two minds over this finale. Barney really going back to his single ways, bit dodgy for a man of his age in the future the show is set in, also because Barney and Robin were perfect for each other. Both didn’t want to be settled down and have kids, so why couldn’t they have been a perfectly happy couple with just the two of them? I get that not all marriages last, but does it have to be the ones that didn’t really want to settle down? If they thought that they would never last, why did they even write a story that they would get married in the first place?! I really am going to miss the show, and I like the fact that the ending was different to what I expected, but not sure it was the ending I wanted.

What did you think?


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Review: I Can’t Sing the musical


I was invited to see I Can’t Sing the musical by But what I didn’t know was they would be taking me to the star studded opening night! Simon Cowell was there, along with Louis Walsh, yet Cheryl Cole and Dermot O’Leary (who inspired two of the characters) didn’t attend.

Nigel Harman as Simon Cowell

In fact, Dermot’s character, Liam O’Dreary is the best thing in this. He has Dermot down to a T. Every head wobble, sigh, hug. He does it perfectly. Even the husky voice.

Nigel Harman plays Simon Cowell, and Simon really let them take the mick out of him. His baby, wife stealing and of course, the high trousers.

I Can't Sing

My favourite West End actor Simon Lipkin was also in it and went back to his puppet days as Barlow the dog. He was entertaining as always.

The musical itself is really funny, but also the most random thing I have seen on a stage. Don’t expect your usual love story style musical, nor the most obvious ending, because let me tell you, you won’t see the ending coming. The first half introduces Simon briefly, but mainly focuses on the contestants and their back stories. The judges don’t make their way to the stage until the second half. I would have liked to see a bit more X Factor in the first half, but it was funny none the less.

Alter Boys

An Irish singing duo, clearly supposed to be Jedward, called Alterboys had every Irish stereotype thrown into it, including dancing leprechauns. chocolate also gave me a goody bag with some lovely chocolate. You can book your tickets now to see I Can’t Sing here.

Check out Simon’s fabulous speech below.


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Fancy a new medical drama?


So there’s a new medical drama in town. After E.R. went away Grey’s Anatomy was the only hospital related drama that was able to grab our attention. Three Rivers tried, it has the McDreamy equivalent with Alex O’Loughlin as Dr. Andy Yablonski, it also had lots of high tech gadgets, yet it couldn’t pull in a big enough audience. I tried to watch it but the episodes didn’t excite me. I really liked Emily Owens M.D., it had comedy and an interesting love triangle, it had the feel of high school but at work, but alas that was not to stay for long. Now there’s a new show in town, Remedy. It focuses on a medical-loving family. A dad that is chief of staff, a surgeon daughter, a nurse daughter, her doctor fiancee and the ex-druggie, medical school drop-out son who returns and takes a job as an orderly.

Remedy cast

The dynamic between the family is really interesting. It also focuses on staff beyond just the doctors. There is also a support staff drama with a girl who gets stabbed by a medial needle and has a long wait to find out if it has given her HIV.

Grey’s Anatomy is still by far my favourite, but I’m enjoying this show so far.

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Movie review: Girl Most Likely


I know, I’ve been a bit pants this past week with a lack of posts. But whilst trying to get over a rotten cold and enjoying the one day of spring sunshine I am back! So for my first post this week, here is my review of Kristen Wiig’s most recent leading lady comedy Girl Most Likely. This one is not the usual you expect from this comedy queen. It’s a little more on the dark side, think of a female Garden State, like Bridesmaids was the female version of The Hangover. 


In Girl Most Likely, Kristen plays a failed New York playwright, who after her boyfriend breaks up with her and she loses her flat, she has no choice but to stay with her mother. Befriending her awkward brother, avoiding her mum’s ‘spy’ boyfriend, discovering her father is alive and having a fling with her mum’s 20-something Backstreet Boys impersonator lodger (played by Darren Criss, Glee – see below picture), are just some of the things that she encounters along her journey.


This is a lovely film about a women who is trying to discover who she is, albeit a little late in life. I was kind of disappointed with the ending of the film, but I guess it would have been far too obvious for her to find herself, write that screenplay she had struggled to do previously and get her life back together, especially when the film covered only a short space of time. What it does show however, is what she has learnt about herself in that time, and what she needed to understand in order to accept she isn’t a failure and move on with her life.

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TV Review: Mixology


There’s a new show in town and it is one with a difference. Like How I Met Your Mother which came to our screens focusing on a guy in the future telling his kids about how he met their mother through a series of flashbacks to the present day (with the odd double flashback to earlier times) this show has taken the sitcom to another level.


Set on one night in a bar, the show focuses on a group of strangers (and each of their friends) on a night out. All of these strangers are on a quest to find love.


In Mixology we see how they interact with each other and their paths cross in a kind of six degrees of separation. There are also flashbacks to help us get to know the characters’ backgrounds and personalities outside of the night.

There’s also a couple of faces in here that I recognise, Vanessa Lengies (Glee) and Adam Campbell (Date Movie and husband to Glee star Jayma Mays). But everyone else is relatively new to me. I always think that’s best with a couple of familiar faces to pull you in, but everyone else lets you focus on the characters.


I’m entertained so far with this show, it’s funny and an interesting concept. I just wonder how long a show set around one night can stretch. After all 24 stretches one day over 24 episodes, but that is at a real push. Although How I Met Your Mother has managed to stretch the story of two parents meeting over nine series.

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Movie review: Prisoners


Films about children being kidnapped often pull on the heart strings they can be hard to watch, especially when the child isn’t found alive. The Lovely Bones was a beautiful story told from the perspective of the deceased child but the film struggled to bring the book to life in a way that captured the audience. Prisoners goes down a different route and a very dark one.

Film Review Prisoners

Two young girls are taken as they head in-between each others homes. A young man is suspected and released by the police due to his state of mind, but one of the fathers (Hugh Jackman) is convinced that he knows where the children are and he decides to take matters into his own hands to try and find his daughter. It involves some torture and will leave you moving from each side of the fence as to if he is doing the right thing or not.

Jake Prisoners Loki Pinky Ring

Jake Gyllenhaal plays the detective on the case, who has solved every case that he has worked on, but this one he is struggling with.


I think this film tells the story really well and it keeps you guessing who took the kids, who held them and if they are still alive or not. There are some great performances by all of the cast, in particular Gyllenhaal and Paul Dano (who plays the suspect). It’s worth a watch if you can handle these sort of films.

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