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50 Shades of Grey trailer

50 Shades of Grey trailer

At last. The trailer for 50 Shades of Grey has arrived. Apparently its too raunchy for TV, but fine for the internet. I think the trailer looks good, I really hope that the film lives up to it. We also get to see a look inside the red room and some of Mr Grey’s ‘tools’. So it seems this film is going to be very close to the book, compared to the five minute clip that was shown earlier this year (not for general release), which was reported to focus on the love story. The last few seconds of this trailer are obviously answering the prayers of those that were disappointed with what they had seen before.

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Singapore Airlines Canary Wharf F1 experience

11 Singapore Airlines Simulator

I’ve been working on something pretty cool this week in my day job. Singapore Airlines is the sponsor of the Singapore Grand Prix, and to celebrate we headed down to Canary Wharf with an F1 simulator car to give Forumla 1 fans a chance to get behind the wheel and race the Singapore Night Race track. One lucky person will be heading off to Singapore to enjoy the Grand Prix in September.


To kick off this event we took British F1® driver Max Chilton and Sky Sports presenter Natalie Pinkham to meet fans and race themselves. I of course had to get my picture taken with them :-) I think after working with Max and his team Marussia F1 on a previous project I am going to have to keep routing for Max and the team!

Marussia F1 fan

The 2014 Formula 1 Singapore Airlines Singapore Grand Prix Experience in London’s Canary Wharf is running until this Friday 18 July – so there’s still time to enter.

07 Singapore Airlines Simulator

Check out this video of Max and Natalie talking about the Singapore Grand Prix. Max shares what it’s like to drive the Marina Bay Street Circuit at the premier night race, why street circuits are popular amongst fans around the world, and how the current F1® season is stacking up – including who he thinks will walk away with the drivers’ championship, Rosberg v Hamilton.

For more information on Singapore Airlines and the Singapore Grand Prix visit the website

And for the real F1 geeks, here are some fun facts for you.

F1 infographic

Guardians of the Galaxy preview


I was lucky enough this evening to be invited to a preview of 17 minutes of the new Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy movie. I never knew much about these comic book characters and thought the original trailer was funny, but didn’t really tell me much about what the film was about.

Then I saw the teaser scene at the end of Captain America: The Winter Soldier and got excited that this new film could possibly be connected to the Avengers franchise.

We mainly got to see a couple of scenes from the line up (that appears in the first trailer) onwards, as they are all stuck in a prison with an eclectic mix of inmates. This teaser gave us a taste of the characters. I’m wondering if Groot says more than “I am Groot”, as Vin Diesel must have got paid a heck of a lot to say three words!

I was lucky enough to see these scenes on the new IMAX screen at the Empire in Leicester Square. This is a film made for the IMAX. It was also in 3D, and I know I like to rant about my disappointment in the lack of amazing 3D shots in these Marvel movies (Captain America and Thor just don’t play on throwing the shield and hammer at the audience as much as I would like), there were a couple of shots that had me flinching in my seat, so I have hopes that the rest of the film will have more.

From what I saw, this film has great action, great performances and spot on comedy timing – alone with some great quotable moments. I really can’t wait to head to the cinema at the end of the month to see this.

We also got to see this new extended trailer which was released earlier today, you can see if below – tells you a lot more than the first trailer.

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Nakd snacks review

nakd bars

I was recently sent a box of delicious Nakd snacks to try out for my mid afternoon treats from the lovely people at Natural Balanced Foods. Now normally when you want to buy some snacks you have to buy a box of on flavour, or perhaps one that comes with a variety of about three. What was great about the box that I was sent is that you can get a complete mix. I had such an amazing selection, really something for everyone – they went down a treat with my pod mates at work. From ginger bread and cocoa mint to pecan pie and rhubard & custard. These all feel like a naughty treat, but they are all gluten, wheat and diary free and made from raw fruit and nuts.

They are a little high on the calories, but don’t let that put you off, as the calories are coming from natural foods, so much better than tucking into a Mars bar! Not all of them were for me. I’d rather have a piece of fruit. But I really love the nutty and chocolate based ones.

Boxes start at £7.99. For more information head to

New Batman V Superman image released

Batman V Superman first look Superman

Ok, Superman, aka Superman is looking hot in this picture. Whilst the previous image of Ben Affleck as Batman was black and white and didn’t really give us that good a look at him, this now shows Superman standing in the rain, and not looking happy.

How long till we get to see Wonder Woman I wonder?

Message in a ‘Bells’ Bottle


Last week I was invited to the Bell’s Whisky ‘Message in a Bottle’ contemporary art exhibition, at Display Gallery, Holborn. This exhibition was launched to mark Armed Forces Day and celebrate Bell’s partnership with Forces’ charity, Help for Heroes, in which Bells has raise £1m for the charity.  Using an array of sensory cues, the exhibition uniquely recounts the inspirational tales and humbling experiences of Armed Forces’ veterans and people pivotal to their recovery.


The instillation was created by artist Sebastian Kite, in partnership with creative studio Jotta, and brings to life the stories of over 45 former servicemen and women, their families and supporters. It is an incredible exhibition, bathed in reflective light from 600 glass surfaces, a central beacon of light is suspended from the steel structure above a pool of whisky, which is heated to gently fill the room with gentle malted barley aromas – yummy!  I love the fact that my nose and taste buds are enjoying an exhibition as much as my eyes!

Sebastian Kite

Kite commented on the exhibition:  Message In A Bottle has been an inspiring project to work on.  After immersing ourselves in the veterans’ experiences, we wanted to honour the individuals through the materials and mediums used in the artwork to communicate the journey of recovery. The reflective and restorative properties of light incorporated into cyclical structures represent the regenerative and positive outlook expressed through each tale.”

Sebastian Kite through the Bells bottles

It was great to meet some of the servicemen and women too. I myself have worked with a Forces’ charity before (BLESMA) and have to say, the courage and strength these men and women have is truly incredible. Among the former servicemen and women that attended was Simon Brown, a former British Army Soldier. He was injured during his second tour of Iraq, when he was hit by sniper fire while recovering six colleagues whose vehicle had broken down.  The bullet destroyed his left eye, permanently damaged his right – leaving him with only 19% vision – and shattered both cheekbones.  Help for Heroes gave Simon vital support whilst he rebuilt his life, offering him the opportunity to take part in challenges so he could prove to himself what he could achieve.

Thanks Bells!


The Pugs of Westeros

Stumbled across this brilliant video from Blinkbox so just had to share. If you love dogs and you love Game of Thrones, then what better than dogs dressed up as the characters?!

Check it out below….

New character posters for Guardians of the Galaxy

This week Marvel is teasing us by releasing daily posters from the Guardians of the Galaxy and they look pretty cool. Here are the latest ones for your viewing pleasure!

Rocket and Groot


Star Lord


The revival of comic books

The media’s role as the comic book saviour

A contributor on Quora explained that the resurgence of comic books was a two-step process. Firstly, it was the addition of science fiction into the superheroes of DC Comics, with their powers originating from science experiments gone wrong. The second step was the Marvel’s move to create superhero teams, like Fantastic Four, X-Men, and the Avengers. But if there was one factor that was accountable for the industry’s net worth of almost a billion dollars, it would be the media’s acceptance of the comic book, thus our immersion in this multi-media geek society, a coined termed by Mike Wellman of The Comic Bug.

When Marvel Studios began producing one superhero film after the other, the public began taking interest again in the comic book’s original form. X-Men has always reigned as the most popular comic franchise since Stan Lee first came up with the idea in 1963, and its film adaptations heightened comic book sales as they prevail as movie blockbusters. Wall St. Cheat Sheet explains that sales peaked in 2005 with the release of X2: X-Men United, estimating total sales of 7.3 million. X-Men: Days of Future Past is suspected to have earned over $302 million, which may further boost sales of the monthly editions.

Digital versions of the graphic novels also contributed to the resurrection of the comic book. The Marvel Comics App contains over 3,500 issues and features spotlight updates, weekly freebies and others. The operator of mobile casino pocket fruity, Gaming Realms, estimates that social gaming will be worth $4 billion in 2015, and with the success of the industry it was deemed necessary for Marvel Comics to release a few mobile gaming apps to connect members from the comic book community worldwide. Games like Marvel: Avengers Alliance will surely garner greater appreciation for the magazines filled with the characters that we have all grown to love.

Although commentators of a article share the opinion that comic book industry has peaked, statistics reveal that these monthly pamphlets are a force to be reckoned with.

Mario Kart 8 – Blue Shell Blues

Blue Shell Blues Something I’ve been working on at my day job recently that I wanted to share. Those of you that have played and love Mario Kart will appreciate this little song about a certain Blue Shell that can ruin you crossing the finish line in first place – oh yes, that #BlueShelled moment. This song, Blue Shell Blues has been created by YouTube stars The Brett Domino Trio to celebrate the release of Mario Kart 8 which is out tomorrow on the Wii U. I promise this song will have you giggling all the way through.

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