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1980s is the best era for movies

Domino's Pizza has commissioned celebrity portrait artist Nathan Wyburn to recreate iconic images of some of the best films over the past 30 years, in order to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Domino's Pizza.

Domino’s Pizza has commissioned celebrity portrait artist Nathan Wyburn to recreate iconic images of
some of the best films over the past 30 years, in order to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Domino’s

Well I didn’t need a survey to tell me that, but glad that Domino’s has gone and conducted the research to confirm my theory. With the likes of Back to the Future, Dirty Dancing and the Brat Pack movies – the ultimate teen movies, who could argue?

The nation voted the 90s a close second, with the likes of Pulp Fiction and Thelma and Louise and in third place came 2010s with Frozen as the stand out film. Domino’s conducted this research to celebrate the brand’s 30th anniversary, after all, there is nothing better than a takeaway pizza and a movie right?

But even better, to bring this story to life, they enlisted the lovely artist Nathan Wyburn to create pizza art to celebrate these films. They also asked the nation which characters they would most like to see in pizza form, with Marty McFly coming out top.

Domino's Pizza has commissioned celebrity portrait artist Nathan Wyburn to recreate iconic images of some of the best films over the past 30 years, in order to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Domino's Pizza.

Domino’s Pizza has commissioned celebrity portrait artist Nathan Wyburn to recreate iconic images of
some of the best films over the past 30 years, in order to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Domino’s

The nation’s top 5 film characters that made it into the pizza oven:

1.       Marty McFly (Back to Future, 1985)

2.       Mia Wallace (Pulp Fiction, 1994)

3.       Elsa (Frozen, 2013)

4.       Edward Cullen (Twilight, 2008)

5.       Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey (Fifty Shades of Grey, 2015)

Bond’s cars most-loved 007 gadgets


To celebrate the launch of Spectre this week, Currys PC World has released some research into the nation’s most lusted-after Bond-inspired tech, with Bond, James Bond’s cars topped the list. But, it’s not the invisible Aston Martin that topped the list (my personal favourite, but then Brosnan was my favourite Bond too), its the submarine Lotus that is the fan favourite.

invisible aston martin

When asked what Bond-esque gadgets we will have in our homes on 20 years’ time, half of people believe it will be facial recognition doorways. But the gadgets we want to own right now? They are Smart TVs and Smart Security Systems – I already have the TV :-)

Home Office Final low res

Currys PC World has also reported seeing an incredible 732% year-on-year growth in its smart home category, showing that we are a nation of people that just want to fill our homes with incredible technology.

James Bond: Spectre is in cinemas now. Now let’s just relive when we first meet the invisible Aston Martin again shall we?

Image sources: IB Times/ jalopnik / Currys PC World

Want more Marvel? Then just wait for Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones

I am loving all the Marvel action we are getting at the moment. It’s all gone a little quiet on the movie front (only Avengers: Age of Ultron and Ant Man this year – whaatt?!), but boy is Marvel keeping us entertained on the small screen. Competing with DC’s Arrow, The Flash, Gotham, Supergirl and soon to come Legend’s of Tomorrow, Marvel has released a trailer for its next Netflix partnership, Jessica Jones.

Now this is another character I’m not overly familiar with, I was always more of a DC kid, but firmly have one leg either side of the fence since Iron Man. But, the synopsis reads; After a tragic ending to her short-lived Super Hero stint, Jessica Jones is rebuilding her personal life and career as a detective who gets pulled into cases in New York City.

It has a great cast line up, with Krysten Ritter as Jessica Jones, (the comedic genius from Don’t Trust the Bitch in Apartment 23) along with David Tennant (Doctor Who) and The Matrix legend, Carrie-Anne Moss.

Marvel’s Jessica Jones is the second of four epic live-action adventure series (Marvel’s Daredevil, which is now streaming, Marvel’s Luke Cage and Marvel’s Iron Fist, all leading up to the teaming of the main characters in Marvel’s The Defenders) to premiere only on Netflix. It is a suspenseful, edgy look into the life of Jessica Jones, one of the most popular new Marvel characters of the last decade, as she faces demons from within and without. The drama will premiere with thirteen (13) one-hour episodes.

We’ve already seen Daredevil reference the crisis in New York (Avengers), we know Marvel’s Agent’s of S.H.I.E.L.D. has perfectly connected to Thor: The Dark World and Captain America: The Winter Soldier, as well as Avengers: Age of Ultron. And who could forget Agent Carter, a spin off from Captain America, which also linked to Agent’s of S.H.I.E.L.D.? Well with all of these new shows launching, surely there needs to be more cross over between the superheroes? Well the top dogs at Marvel say it is inevitable. This is one point where I think Marvel is winning in the superhero battle against DC. Warner Bros is very much keeping its TV and film franchises separate, even if the TV shows are crossing over so well. But with The Flash appearing in his own TV series, and another one on the Justice League movies, I think that is just confusing fans.

Check out the trailer for Jessica Jones now. Jessica Jones will premiere on 20th November in Ultra HD (just what I need for my lovely 4K TV, and it’s the day after my birthday, lucky me!).

If you really want to geek out, then check out the motion key art too:

Fear the Walking Dead Halloween marathon


If you haven’t had a chance to watch Fear the Walking Dead yet, then fear not (ha ha), because AMC on BT is running a marathon of all six episodes of the first season on Halloween (Saturday 31st October).

This show might be a bit slower than its sister show, The Walking Dead, but as it is set during Rick Grimes’ coma period, around patient zero, well what appears to be LA’s patient zero, it runs at exactly the pace it should.

For those that don’t know much about the show. It isn’t a spin off or a prequel to The Walking Dead. It is set just after Rick Grimes has his coma and before he wakes up, but is set in a different city in the US. It follows Madison Clark (played by Kim Dickens, Gone Girl, Friday Night Lights) and her family as they come to terms with what is going on. There are so many interesting characters, Madison appears to have a secret past, apart from the walking dead, she doesn’t seem too fazed by other goings on around her. Her son, Nick (played by Brit star Frank Dillane, Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, Sense 8) is really one to watch. He is a heroin addict, who first discovers patient zero.

Fear the Walking Dead season 1 finale

I saw an interview with Executive Producer and Co-Creator of the show, Dave Erickson, where he said you wouldn’t walk up to your neighbour or relative and just because they looked a bit ill suddenly hit them over the head or shoot them in the face, you would be slow to react, you would want to see if they are ok, wonder what is wrong with them, before you realised that they weren’t exactly as they should be…or indeed alive.

The show is exactly what the title says, it is the fear of the unknown, the fear of not just what the walkers are, but what they mean for the world and how people and the military decide to deal with it.

In the US there is also a spin off web series called Fear the Walking Dead Flight 462. This will be coming to the UK soon, I promise to let you know when, which as you guessed, is set on a plane. Each episode appears online in the US after The Walking Dead episodes. At the end of the run of the web series, one character will join season 2 of Fear the Walking Dead. Now I’m afraid I can’t tell who that will be because I don’t know, the writers don’t know as they are currently working on season 2 as we speak. But it’s going to be interesting to find out.

Fear the Walking Dead season 1 marathon airs on AMC on BT on Halloween, Saturday 31st October.

In my day job I work for BT which has the AMC channel exclusively. I was not asked or paid to write this blog post and have simply chosen to share this with you as I am a fan of the show and the genre.

The Walking Dead Season 6 #RunDontWalk


WOW. The Walking Dead certainly returned with a bang. No sooner did Fear the Walking Dead finish its first season on BT’s AMC channel, then The Walking Dead returned to our screens on Fox.

The first episode of season six is rather different to the rest of the show we’ve come to love, and literally watch from behind a cushion on the edge of our seats. It starts with Rick Grimes and his posse attempting to kill a MASSIVE herd of walkers, possibly the biggest and most incredible special effects of hundreds…actually probably thousands of walkers. Someone asked me before the screening what happened at the end of season five and I was left trying to recall (I actually only finished season five about two months ago – how could I forget?!). The first episode of the new season left me completely stumped, like I’d missed an episode. But through a series of black and white flashbacks, the story slowly builds to bring us up to speed. But don’t worry, if you’re still confused, episode 2 has a brief (blink and you’ll miss it) recap.


This was one of the most gripping episodes so far, probably since the first episode. I don’t know if it was watching it on a large screen, although I certainly felt more comfort than sitting on my own watching it. The first episode is one you really don’t want to watch on your own. Many a time I have wondered how they have managed to get out of a mess (how on earth did Rick manage to escape from an army tank surrounded by walkers?!), but an army of them? I left the screening really worrying for Rick and the gang.

Well three episodes in and they are still trying to escape, and one of our much loved, long standing character might not have made it through…I won’t spoil it for those that haven’t seen it yet, but let’s just say I am in morning (although not quite to the level of McDreamy’s death in Grey’s Anatomy).

I was invited by Entertainment One and Playstation to watch the first episode of Season 6 of The Walking Dead in a private cinema screening an hour and a half before it aired on UK TV screens to celebrate the launch of the show on Playstation’s Season Pass. Each episode will appear after it has aired on Fox for weekly catch up via your Playstation.

We’re three episodes in already, but as the festive season is weeks away we’ll soon go on a winter hiatus after episode eight, before the final eight episodes will air in February 2016.


Game of Thrones gets the ultimate sound

GOT S1 Steelbook_3D packshot

To mark the launch of the Game of Thrones season 1 & 2 steelbooks with Dolby Atmos sound, I was invited to a special screening at Dolby in Soho Square to hear the Dolby sound put to the test with the Blackwater episode.

Game of Thrones is the first TV show Blu-Ray box set to include the latest sound technology. The Blu-ray features a newly remixed Dolby Atmos soundtrack, which places and moves sounds and music anywhere in the room, including overhead, creating a captivating experience that brings entertainment alive all around the audience. But note, to experience Dolby Atmos at home, you’ll need a Dolby Atmos-enabled AV receiver.

GOT S2 Steelbook_3D packshot

The Steelbook sets feature brand new box art designed by Elastic, the agency responsible for the series’ Emmy® Award-winning opening credits. Each Steelbook showcases a specific location that is significant to that season and includes usable magnets on the packaging, featuring Game of Thrones sigils and symbols:

  • Season 1 packaging features Winterfell, where fans are introduced to the Stark family in the series premiere. The magnet for Season 1 is the direwolf sigil of House Stark
  • In Season 2, the Lannisters’ influence is keenly felt from the Iron Throne and their sigil is included on packaging set in King’s Landing, where the season’s pivotal Battle of the Blackwater occurs
  • Season 3 features the magnet sigil of House Frey and their ancestral seat of the Twins—the location of this season’s infamous Red Wedding
  • Season 4 features the icy landscape of Castle Black and the Wall, where the brothers of the Night’s Watch fend off an army of wildlings from the far north. The magnet for this season features a crow and Jon Snow’s sword, Longclaw

The Game of Thrones seasons 1 & 2 steelbooks are available to buy now.

Need some Obfleshion to avoid the Walkers?

Are you looking forward to the return of The Walking Dead? Well the folks over at Now TV are and to celebrate season six starting on FOX on Monday, Now TV created the perfect solution to avoid being attacked by a Walker – Obfleshion, a new unisex perfume that will make you smell like a walker – gross! It was created in partnership with The Perfume Mistress, Tanya Moulding.

What better way to launch this perfume than with a spoof perfume ad, starring the rather buff Harry Judd from Mcfly?

Check out the video below:

If you want to get your hands on this perfume (I’m not sure I would want to wear it unless a zombie apocolypse was actually here) then you can enter a competition on Now TV’s Facebook page:

London commuters experience Star Wars 3D art

If, like me you are eagerly awaiting the new Star Wars film and looking to get your fix whilst you wait for the weeks to role by until December, then you might enjoy the latest stunt that took place in London on Friday. To mark the launch of the new Rise Against the Empire Play Set for Disney Infinity 3.0: Play Without Limits. an epic piece of 3D artwork underneath Southwark Bridge,

The artwork, created by world-renowned artists 3D Joe and Max, is a re-creation of the iconic Death Star trench run from Star Wars: A New Hope, and is featured in the Rise Against the Empire Play Set out Friday 2nd October, which features iconic moments from the original Star Wars trilogy.

Located a few minutes’ walk from London Bridge Station and Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre on Bankside, the artwork stretched 15 metres along the walkway underneath Southwark Bridge, complete with sounds effects of ships, laser fire and droids.

Disney Infinity 3.0 is the latest installment in the highly successful “toys-to-life” franchise, bringing together characters from across The Walt Disney Company for the ultimate family gaming experience.

The Star Wars Rise Against the Empire Play Set allows fans to embark on galaxy-spanning missions with legendary Jedi Luke Skywalker, Rebel leader Princess Leia Organa, heroic smuggler Han Solo and his trusty co-pilot Chewbacca to help defeat Darth Vader and overthrow the evil Galactic Empire. Featuring non-stop action, players can explore open world planets like Tatooine on foot or on a Bantha, take down AT-AT walkers aboard a snowspeeder on Hoth, out-maneuver stormtroopers on a speeder bike on Endor, and partake in epic space battles in an X-wing Starfighter to destroy the Death Star.

Disney Infinity 3.0: Play Without Limits is rated PEGI 7 and developed by Avalanche Software in partnership with Ninja Theory, Sumo Digital, Studio Gobo and United Front Games. A Disney Infinity 3.0 Play Set based on Star Wars(tm): The Force Awakens will also be available later this year, as well as additional Star Wars character figures and Power Discs.

To find out more visit

Rugby stars put 4K TVs to the test

Ben Foden Currys PC World

Ben Foden Currys PC World

So the Rugby World Cup is fully underway, and I’m pleased to say my team, Ireland, are doing rather well! I managed to see the boys in green this weekend smash Romania, and will be heading to Cardiff for the quarter finals, to hopefully see New Zealand, I’m hoping against France rather than my Irish boys.

If you weren’t luckily enough to get any tickets to any matches, and witness the action first hand, or you want to avoid the over-crowded pubs, and over-priced beers, then some rugby stars have tips on the best way to watch at home. Rugby stars Luther Burrell and Ben Foden and head coach at Bath rugby and former England defence coach, Mike Ford, have teamed up with Currys PC World to create the most immersive sporting viewing experiences.

Luther Burrell Currys PC World

Luther Burrell Currys PC World

The trio, who were brought on board to review a selection of some of the best 4K Ultra HD TVs from Currys PC World’s extensive television range, did so from the perspective of a player and coach, ensuring that those watching at home can catch all of the important plays, passes and goals.

The TVs were assessed on aspects including picture and sound quality, clarity, special features, ease of use, value for money, and overall design. 4K technology gives viewers up to four times the detail of 1080p Full HD. This means when watching Ultra 4K HD (UHD) content, what they watch is more realistic, more life-like, and lets them feel four times closer to the action, as though they’re witnessing it first-hand, providing viewers with a truly immersive ‘at home’ viewing experience. Of course, for those too impatient to wait for specific 4K-enabled sporting content, Burrell, Foden and Ford also tested the products on regular HD content – so you know you’ve got the star player no matter what you watch.

Mike Ford Currys PC World

Mike Ford Currys PC World

When asked if watching the games on a television could compare to the live atmosphere in the stadium, Luther commented that 4K TVs can actually deliver a more intimate viewing experience. He added that “you’re almost going to see more on these TVs than you would being sat in a stadium around 80,000 rowdy fans distracting you. You’ve got absolutely brilliant picture quality, the clarity is amazing, very vibrant, and you’re not going to miss a trick. You’re going to be up close and personal, as the players are. It’s a fantastic experience.”

So what TV did they vote top? Sadly my LG TV didn’t make the cut, although I am rather fond of it. But the winning TV is the Samsung JS9000 – £2,699. It was voted best for creating the most immersive at-home experience was the Samsung JS9000, which with its large curved screen and impressive speaker system is sure to “dominate a noisy room full of supporters” as noted by Ben. Luther added that “it’s perfect for [his] home”


·     Great resolution – very good depth, it is clear. Feels like you’re in the room;

·     Very clear sound, music quality is incredible;

·     Bit slower to stream Netflix via Wi-Fi connection – but easy;

·     Bit more expensive, but you get your money’s worth; and

·     Looks amazing, slick and impressive – perfect for my home.


·     Big clear curved screen makes viewing from all angles possible;

·     Picture remains excellent during all features;

·     Would make a very cool focus point in anyone’s TV room;

·     Perfect sound quality and will dominate a big noisy room; and

·     Very good for streaming but a little more complicated as two controls.


·     High quality and crystal clear sound, which adds to the experience when you can hear the crowd, but most importantly the referee can see it;

·     Sensational. Feels like you are there! Unbelievable clarity, a great viewing experience. Again important that you can see the detail when players are in a maul or scrum;

·     55”. Ideal for large family viewing;

·     Amazing what the TV has to offer from Netflix to YouTube;

·     Was able to use the Smart TV very easily. The kids of today will have no problem;

·     To be able to rewind, pause, fast forward etc. is a vital tool for a coach; and

·     Looks good and silky, very modern and state of the art.

Star Wars mania!


The Rugby World Cup might start today, but this year is really all about Star Wars. Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens is expected to break box office records this Christmas. But it’s not just in cinemas where Disney is going to make the big bucks from this franchise. Oh no, it is all of the incredible merchandise. There have always been some pretty cool Star Wars toys and gadgets, my sister had a Millennium Falcon and I bought my nephew a lightsaber a couple of years ago. But this year, with Disney behind the franchise they have really stepped up their game.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I went along to Disney’s Christmas event to get a preview at the Disney, Marvel and Star Wars toys that will be available for Christmas (I totally want the adult Rey costume), and not only did I see some incredible toys, but toys that have already sold out, and in mere minutes.


I am of course talking about your very own BB-8 Droid by Sphero. It will set you back £165 on Amazon (note there are some sites selling for £135+), but I got to have a play with him and it really is like your own little droid. So what is so special about this little BB-8? Well ok I’ll tell you. He is controlled by your smart phone or tablet. You can give him instructions on where to go, he can perform in a figure-8, you can tell him its a trap and he will run in the other direction…and you can record a hologram message that will play through your phone or tablet. And that is just for starters, there is so much more he can do, he is seriously cool. But what I love most about him, is that he is essentially a ball with a head, and like the film, his head seems to stay in one place as the ball spins below it – amazing. Now if only I could justify putting him on my Christmas list.

Copyright: Camilla Greenwell

Copyright: Camilla Greenwell

And on one more Star Wars point. Some of you may recall that I went to Star Wars Secret Cinema. Well it is on until 27 September and there are still some tickets left. So if you want to go make sure you book your tickets now before its too late.

Images: /

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